Former winner of the Logistica Award Eurotec/Lowpad on their successful par­ti­cip­a­tion

21 May 2024
3 min

Five years ago, the Logistica Award jury declared Lowpad the best logistics innovation of 2019. On November 5, 2024, another Logistica Award will be presented during Logistica Next. We asked Sjoerd Visser, Business Development Director at Lowpad, what advantages and results they gained from winning the Award.

Can you tell us something about the winning innovation you developed and submitted for the 2019 Logistica Award?

Five years ago, we won the Logistica Award with our very first AMR, the Lowpad M. The Lowpad M is our ultra-low AMR for transporting Danish CC trolleys. Since then, we have realized multiple order picking projects in the Netherlands and Germany. Now we primarily focus on (food) retailers. In this sector, a lot of manual transport still occurs during order picking and inbound/outbound processes. There is a lot to gain by optimizing with Lowpad AMRs. Our automation solution can be implemented in existing environments and results in lower labor costs, significantly increased productivity, and high throughput speed.

What were the main advantages or results you achieved from participating in the Logistica Award?

The Logistica Award was of great value in bringing our innovation to the attention of the Dutch market. We noticed that the Logistica Next trade fair is well attended by our target audience, and thanks to this award, we received recognition for our leadership position regarding our solutions.

To what extent did the jury’s feedback help you further develop your innovation?

The jury’s feedback was mainly a confirmation for us that we had developed a unique product with endless possibilities and applications. It also broadened our perspective to other sectors and AMR models.

Would you recommend other companies to participate in the Logistica Award 2024?

Winning an award like the Logistica Award can provide significant recognition for your company within the Dutch logistics sector. It helps to strengthen your brand image and position your company as a leading player in the field. Participation results in valuable contacts that can lead to new business opportunities, collaborations, and knowledge exchange.

What advice would you give to companies considering participating in the Logistica Award 2024, based on your own experiences and success?

From our own experience and success, we would advise companies considering participating in the Logistica Award 2024 to focus on translating technical functionalities into concrete benefits and solutions for the end customer. Having the best product is just part of the success; the ability to convey the value of your innovation to potential customers is crucial. Participation in the Logistica Award offers an excellent opportunity to demonstrate this value. Ensure that during your participation, you emphasize the benefits your innovation provides and how they meet customer needs. By following this strategy, you increase your chances of recognition and market success.

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