Program and speakers

Be inspired in the Logistics Arena and theaters:

  • Zoom in on smart, safe and sustainable
  • Contributions from, among others, IKEA Netherlands, and Plus Retail
  • Innovation in action

Zoom in on smart, safe and sustainable

A logistics operation that is smart, safe and sustainable. We all want that. But is that feasible? And how do we get there?

Logistica Next gives the floor to the top of logistics in the Netherlands. With frontrunners from the field who share their vision and experiences. With scientists who share the latest research results. And with experts who explain the latest innovations.

Logistica Next has no less than 1 arena and four theaters and the program is constantly updated. So keep a close eye on this website.

Logistics Arena

How do you future-proof your operation? In the Logistics Arena, the frontrunners in logistics tell what they are already doing today to prepare their operation for tomorrow.

Which frontrunners will come and teel about their logistics?

  • Youssef Zouhair of IKEA Netherlands about the store of tomorrow and the logistics behind it.
  • Frank de Bruin of about a better return on returns.
  • Rowell Versleijen of Plus Retail on ‘lights-out warehousing’ in the food industry.
  • Ronald van Hekezen of Greetz on personalization and peaks in fulfilment.
  • Pieter de Wit of BCI Global on China as a precursor to e-commerce in Europe.
  • René de Koster of Erasmus University about the benefits of automation and robotization.

The speakers in the Logistics Arena are divided into three themes over three days:

  • November 8: smart warehousing
  • November 9: e-fulfilment and real estate
  • November 10: supply chain & sustainability

Theater ‘Healthy and Safe’ Warehouse

A secure warehouse is mandatory, but above all just a good idea. Fit and healthy employees who can rely on a safe working environment are satisfied employees. And that’s what we’re all looking for, aren’t we?

In the Healthy and Safe Warehouse Theater, evofenedex and BMWT – founders of the Healthy and Safe Warehouse Code – provide interactive workshops. Every day, various experts from the field work together with the participants to create a healthier and safer working environment in logistics.

Topsector Logistiek Theater

Logistics stands or falls with insight, transparency and correctness of information. There is still much to be gained in sharing data. Sharing data is the key to efficient, robust and sustainable supply chains, but it also changes the roles of supply chain partners.

Topsector Logistiek, in collaboration with TKI Dinalog, stimulates research and innovation around digitization and sustainability of supply chains. Researchers share their findings in the Top Sector Logistics Theater. They present inspiring views, but also provide practical tools to anyone who wants to contribute to a data-driven logistics sector.

Supply Chain Theater

A well-run warehouse stands or falls with good management of the supply chain. The Supply Chain Theater at ICT & Logistics shows how to develop a supply chain strategy, what you need for an agile supply chain, how to use data to make the right decisions and how to better coordinate and plan all activities.

The Supply Chain Theater is provided by BLMC, an agency for supply chain consultancy and interim management. The experts at BLMC present new insights, practical methods, useful tools and stimulating practical examples. Companies that are in the middle of practice share their experiences with the public.

View the program of the Supply Chain Theater of BLMC.
Admission is free, but reservation is required (reservation is not possible at the moment). In previous years, many sessions were quickly fully booked.

Personal advice from experts

Next to the theater you will find the BLMC stand. Here you can meet the experts and discuss your own issues.
The theater and the stand are located in the halls of ICT & Logistics.

The Supply Chain Theater is an initiative of BLMC, an agency for supply chain consultancy and interim management.

And much more…

Logistica Next does more. What about:

  • Virtual ‘scale logistics’: Get an insight into the most progressive warehouses of the moment, supplemented with a tour of the exhibition floor?
  • Experience Lab: Experience the possibilities of new technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), drones and exoskeletons (in collaboration with Topsector Logistiek).
  • Innovation Lab: Discover how innovative packaging solutions can improve your operation (in collaboration with Netherlands Packaging Center (NVC).
  • Guided tours: Let Transport & Logistiek Nederland guide you through innovative solutions for warehousing and transport.
  • Speed ​​dates: Grab your chance and discover what young logistics talents can do for you (in collaboration with Jong Logistiek Nederland).