Log-in to the next intralogistics

November 2024 | Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

During Logistica Next we share knowledge and experience and show the new innovation solutions that are needed to organize logistics processes more efficiently and to implement them more effectively.

Innovation, chain collaboration, (digital) security, flexibility and scalability are necessary for a sector that adds value and optimally serves the customer.

With which knowledge and innovations do you help the sector move forward?

Why join Logistica Next

Because the whole world is changing and so are the operations of many companies. With your other slim solutions and innovations you can make companies future-proof.

Your stories inspiring about surprising and innovative concepts offer progressive and practical solutions for the problems of today and tomorrow.

Logistica Next is the place to:

  • Share knowledge on topics that are relevant to many companies
  • Meet like-minded people to share experiences with them
  • Contact Making Relationships AI Matchmaking
  • Synergy with ICT & Logistics, because no selection found survives without ICT

Tjarco Braun

Account Manager